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PostSubject: Defense   Defense Icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 7:44 am

How do you guys defend in this game?

I can pretty much score easily most of the game on any level even up to Hall of Fame but I can't defend worth a lick even on Rookie mode.
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Hoop Dreamer

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PostSubject: Re: Defense   Defense Icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 6:07 am

half court trap. i switch to my sf to help my pg pressure the ball handler before and after crossing the half court. then when the ball is above the 3 pt. line, i switch to 2-3 zone exept when three opponents are outside the arc. in that case, i call 3-2 zone. i use my sf most of the time. i also defend off-ball most of the time. i like playing against two offensive players on the weak side:


here i use my sf to "sag" down on defense while the ball is on top. the 2 guards are on the top of my 2-3 formation. the skip pass to the bottom corner is what i'm waiting for. when that happens, i rush to challenge the receiver. then switch to my pf on the new weak side, then go away from my man a little bit, covering two offensive players at the same time, while anticipating a drive from the new ballhandler. when he drives, i help with my pf. that way you get the lanes clogged on the strong side. it's easy to recover once they swing the ball to the weak side. i don't challenge shots. i "push" shooters with the LS. the 2-3 zone will improve your rebounding. just watch out for the formation. once the opponent switches to 3 out-2 in, switch to 3-2, or they will kill you with outside shots.
i also trap when the ball is on the corner. it can force turnovers big time. just be prepared to foul when they break it and the ball gets to the lane. i don't steal also. my steal slider is at 38 so on ball steals don't happen that much. i steal on the lane when i "wander" around the defense away from the player i'm supposed to guard. when the ball flies anywhere near the passing lane that i'm clogging, i just mess around with the r3. if the steal fails, i rush to the receiver and "stand" (not jump) in front of him. if he shoots, i push him with the r3.

the 2-3 zone cures a lot of rebounding problems on the defensive end since you've got 3 defenders near the rebound area. whenever a shot is released, i switch to the "idle" rebounder, the one who's not boxing out anybody, and find the nearest opponent to box him out. if all your players in the lane already has somebody boxed out, switch to the player nearest to the basket, probably the center, hold that L1 button to continue the box out once you switch, then watch out for the timing on the rebound. in most cases, when the box out is good, you don't need to jump. just watch the offensive player behind you to jump and grab an over the back foul. the sliders will help fix the annoying "cpu is god-like" on offensive rebounds. i set offensive rebounding at 15 or 20, then set my defensive rebounding at 80 or 85. the annoying sequence sometimes still occurs at this settings though. you know it, cpu misses, grabs the rebound, misses again, grabs the rebound again (repeat 10 times). when that happens you don't need to jump. just "push" the shooter with the L3. he will probably miss that shot, you wo'nt get the foul,and you're "hopefully" in a better rebounding position. if he gets the rebound again, simply push him again. he cheats, you cheat. . .

hear why it's sung here oppositioner. . .

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