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 I love the PC version of 2k10

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Hoop Elite
Hoop Elite

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PostSubject: I love the PC version of 2k10   Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:10 pm

It's just sooooooo much better. I've only played the ps3 version for 10 minutes and didn't really get into it, but I love the pc version. I just hate that my graphics card sucks. I can get the game to run smoothly but I have to put the quality on low. I tried installin it on my mini notebook because it has higher specs, but once I launch the game, the window flashes and the game closes. Idk why but it pisses me off. Gameplay is also great. What's the best camera angle? I use default. Even the shot releases are the same, which is good. I had wade beasley and jones wetting 3's all day long. I need a gamepad though and a fix for my mini notebook.
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HoopDreams Mods
HoopDreams Mods

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PostSubject: Re: I love the PC version of 2k10   Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:31 pm

^If I just had a better graphic card like uh, 1024MB Nvidia, it would be great, I'd love to throw this 64Mb intel chipset! i wanna try 2k10 next week on a ps3, I hope my dad would lend me a money.


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I love the PC version of 2k10
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