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 Downloaded Madden 2010 (PS2) (PSP) a week ago and..

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Hoop Elite
Hoop Elite

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PostSubject: Downloaded Madden 2010 (PS2) (PSP) a week ago and..   Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:44 pm

It seems okay. Looks just like the old maddens but has a new feature where you can edit the hit stick in 8 different directions and also a rumble feature when you big hit. The whole screen shakes. Also, when your player gets hot, it shows you on the play select screen. Your players will perform better when they are hot or perform badly when cold. I don't know of any glitches because I only know just one. If you guys have any, please hit me up and let me know. I only need offline glitches/plays because EA sports makes you read this long statement when you go online saying how they are cracking down on glitchers AND i DON'T BELIEVE IN GLITCHING ONLINE. I just wanna make my bros and friends mad. The online play seems very fair so far.

Anyway, if you want to win the coin toss, hold L1 as soon as the madden sign comes up and they start showing the field. Hold the button until the opponent chooses heads or tails. You will automatically win. If you have to chose heads or tails, just make sure you are still holding L1 while you are selecting. DON'T LET GO OF L1 UNTIL YOU WIN THE COIN TOSS!. This works on madden 09, NCAA 09, Madden 10, NCAA 2010 on ps2 and psp.

The only thing I really hate is how the screen rumbles but it's cool. My bro lost to the cowboys online because of this. Romo threw a bomb between 2 Titans defenders and the receiver caught it and ran it in for a touchdown in overtime.

Now on to the psp.....Sigh....

I can't play it because the latest Custom m33 firmware is not out yet and Dark alex is saying that he will not make 5.55m33 just so we can pirate games and play them. He says his custom firmware is only for homebrew purposes. So I have to wait until maybe next month or october for probably 5.70 m33 or 6.00 m33 to come out. It may be around the time the psp go is released in the USA.

But remember, if you have any madden glitches/cheese/money plays that worked in at least Madden 09, Let me know ASAP
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Hoop Elite
Hoop Elite

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PostSubject: Re: Downloaded Madden 2010 (PS2) (PSP) a week ago and..   Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:20 am

I bought the game yesterday, it's a good game and the gameplay is nice. It's like all the other Maddens for PS2 but just a little improvement. It's worth 30$.
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Downloaded Madden 2010 (PS2) (PSP) a week ago and..
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